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Falconer084 / Jan 30, 2014
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New Features:
Quick Equip

This feature allows you to click on a equip slot for your captain, bridge officer, and ship and have access to all items that can be slotted in that spot without having to go to your inventory.
Left click on a slot that can equip an item or device such as Fore Weapons slot on your ship.
An Equip menu will appear which will show all items in your inventory or your other ships that are able to be equipped in that selected slot.
Left click on the item you want and it will be placed into the slot.
The items stored in banks will be available for fast equip when on maps that have bank access.
The items equipped on other ships you own will be available for fast equip on sector maps or social maps such as Sol System.
Items 'remember' where they were equipped when swapping items between ships. They will show up on inactive ships slightly dimmed.
When you make another ship your active ship, all remembered items will be moved back to your new active ship.

Fast Ship Swap: Change your current ship almost anywhere!

On Sector Space maps or social maps, a new button has been added to your ship Status Window: Switch Starship
Click this button to open your list of ships. Click the ship to want to switch to and it will replace your current ship wherever you are.
Your new ship retains all the equipment and bridge officer stations from the last time you used it.
There is a one-minute cooldown after using Fast Ship Swap.
Fast Ship Swap can only be used on Sector maps or on Space Social maps such as Sol System or Qo'noS system.


Smallcraft Arena
A new arena has been created for small craft.
This is a 5v5 queue similar to other space PvP arenas.
This will be the first PvP queue which allows mixed faction teams to fight against each other.


The total amount of ship slots available to purchase has been increased by 20.
You can now purchase up to 48 additional ship slots for a total of 50 (not counting any earned in-game/ via veteran rewards)
Many items obtained via Lock Boxes can now be sold to vendors, and now have an Energy Credit value associated with them:
Genetic Resequencers Trait Packs : 200,000ec
Mirror Universe Ship Requisition Packs : 150,000ec
Assignment Items (Holonovel Code Fragments, Temporal Beacons, Tal Shiar Command Codes) : 100,000ec
Large Bonus Pool Consumables (10k CXP, 25k FC, 100 FM) : 100,000ec
Small Bonus Pool Consumables (2k CXP, 5k FC) : 20,000ec
Hourly events
Hourly events have been removed.
These will be replaced by weekend events.
"Material Files reloaded" message no longer appears when transitioning between maps.
Resolved an issue which sometimes caused the wrong bridge officers to spawn on the Obelisk and Voth bridges.
Glowing colors have been added to the Voth Heavy Armor set:
Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Red, Yellow, Black, Grey, and White.
Resolved a couple of issues with the female Rom TOS outfit:
Romulan common color palette set to all the pieces and match from piece to piece.
Skirt legs have been changed to fix issues with how the legs looked from the side.
Already altered female TOS outfits will remain the same until it is taken into the tailor and altered.
Resolved an issue where some of the Khan costume pieces were in the "Uniforms" category.
All Khan pieces are meant to be in the "Off-duty" category.
Resolved an issue which caused the Republic Dress Uniform's pants to be in the skirt category.
Color choices now work independently for Male and Female Romulan head models while in the tailor.
All rifle butt abilities should now display weapon art for NPCs and properly animate.
Captain-rank Federation NPCs no longer have multiple weapon types (ie, Sniper Rifle AND Assault Rifle).
Resolved an issue with the Mogh that caused the fleet version to have no windows on its right stanchion after editing it in the tailor.
Resolved a few minor issues with the display name and color options for the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider.
Gorn Mortar Troopers now use replicator effects when placing a Mortar.
Borg Plasma Beam Arrays now play their beam FX on each pulse rather than only on initial activation.
Aenar Bridge Officer Requisition Form:
This item now describes how to use it in its tooltip.


Many Federation episodes have been revamped to improve the quality and pacing.
These changes apply to the following missions:
Stranded in Space
Diplomatic Orders
Hide and Sneak
Stop the Signal
Researcher Rescue
The Kuvagh'Magh
Treasure Trading Station
Secret Orders
Task Force Hippocrates
The Ultimate Klingon
City on the Edge of Never
Past Imperfect
The mission "War is Good for Business" has been removed.
Captains who have already completed these episodes will not be required to replay any but do have the option to as has always been the case.
"Tour the Galaxy" has been changed:
Converted this event to now be a daily mission with a 20 hour cooldown.
Added a time limit of 15 minutes to complete the mission.
Tau Dewa sector block has been added.
Unlock the "Well Travelled" space trait by visiting 8 sector blocks during this mission
Rewards are now given for each sector block you visit, with bonus rewards for visiting more sector blocks within the time limit:
The maximum rewards for visiting all sector blocks as a level 50 character are:
475,000 EC
715 Exploration XP
525 Trade XP
40 Recruitment XP
30 Development XP
Klingon Characters can now claim K'Gan (the bridge officer from the Klingon Tutorial) at the Klingon Academy.
Look for the Klingon Personnel Auditor to get the bridge officer.
This applies to Klingons who were created before the Tutorial was added, or Klingons who have dismissed K'Gan from their crew rosters.
Defeating enemies now counts towards completion of "Patrol T'liss System".
Defeating enemies now counts towards completion of "Patrol Rhi System".
The replay reward for "The Vault" now has a plasma based weapon for Romulan captains.
The D7 Battlecruisers in the episode "Past Imperfect" no longer deploy Bio-neural warheads.
This weapon should not have been available in that time.
Additional VO has been added to the beginning of the KDF episode flow.
These were missing spots of VO throughout the episodes which Worf VO had been added to previously.
Resolved an issue which was causing KDF captains to get stuck in chairs for the Lounge fleet spire special project.


Beam Fire at Will:
Resolved an issue where this ability was unable to critically hit.
Combat Supply:
The buffs provided by this power have been reduced in magnitude and duration to bring them in line with the effect of other kit powers. It can now provide:
20% Shields, 10% Max HP, 10% Damage, 20 Damage Resistance, or 20% Run Speed and Dodge, depending on which boost appears
The distance and height that Combat Supply's boosts travel when created has been reduced to make gathering them less difficult in interior maps
They should now remain relatively close to the Combat Supply chest.
CPR now more reliably heals a nearby ally when activated.
However, it can no longer be interrupted by player movement.
Resolved an issue where using some bridge officer powers could cause item or trait-based harmful procs to occur on the caster.
Reputation Powers:
All Reputation Tier 5 powers have been standardized at a 5 minute individual cooldown.
All Tier 5 Reputation powers are unaffected by abilities which decrease cooldown time, such as Tactical Initiative.
Nukara Reputation's Cryo Immobilizer Module now properly respects resistance and immunity to immobilize.
Willpower and other Root resistance powers will reduce the duration of the root.
Resolved an issue that was causing "Tactical Advantage" (the Offensive Tier 4 Dyson ability) to attach its tooltip to all items in the game.
This is a display change only. The power has always only affected abilities which actually deal outgoing damage.
Point Defense System:
This item now deals normal damage to small craft if the captain using it is also in a small craft.
Attack Pattern Beta: This Attack Pattern no longer gains extra stacks from some torpedoes and mines.
Any given player can apply only one stack to any given target.
Prefire Chamber Consoles now give Turrets proper damage bonus when equipped.
Resolved an issue which was causing some captain career abilities to not properly work such as "Photonic Capacitor".
Resolved a typo in the long description of powers Boarding Party I, II & III:
Now the paragraph should correctly say "removes ten crew" instead of "removes twenty crew".
Resolved an issue with Ramming Speed which was causing it to deal no damage to the captain if their Weapons were offline.
Resolved an issue where Mk XI Polarized Disruptor Beam Array did more damage than intended.
Resolved an issue where the Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console enhancement for Torpedo and Mine damage did not improve Mine damage.
This console now properly affects both torpedoes and mines.
Resolved an issue that was causing some mine explosions' areas of effect to be calculated from the ship's location rather than the mine's.
Singularity cores which add a subsystem offline chance to Plasma Shockwave now have a 20% chance to disable a subsystem for 5-7.5 seconds, based on the user's Subspace Decompiler skill.
Resolved a series of bugs with the Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher so it now obeys correct cooldown limitations:
It has 5 charges with no cooldown (other than the Torpedo category cooldown timer of 2 seconds).
Each charge requires 6 seconds to recharge.
This is how the item was always intended to perform.
Removed reference to "Photonic Shockwave Torpedo" from Photonic Studies Scientist Active Roster Ability.
Console abilities of this nature should not be subject to cooldown reductions.
Resolved an issue with the Teamwork Trait that was preventing teammates from benefiting from the extra Exploit Damage.
Also removed the 50-meter range limitation - this power now affects the entire player team regardless of distance (though they must still be in the same instance to benefit).
Crippling Fire:
Resolved an issue where this trait was not affecting mines.
The damage inflicted by Orbital Devastation may now benefit from the buff provided by certain Diagnostic Engineer duty officers.
The FX associated with the Subspace Manipulator Trait are now easier to see through when you are not being directly affected by the power.
Duty Officers:
The debuff applied by Biochemist Doffs has been re-designed:
This debuff no longer stacks.
The duration no longer scales with Duty Officer Quality, and is always only 5 seconds.
The Resistance Reduction now scales with Duty Officer Quality:
White = 10%
Green = 20%
Blue = 30%
Purple = 40%
Deflector Officers that say they have a chance of reducing cooldowns on all Deflector abilities now can properly affect the cooldowns of Tachyon Beam and Energy Siphon.
Resolved an issue that was allowing players with a Voth Tractor Beam Officer on Active Duty (Falla Okev or Graga Mal) to also benefit from an improved warp core breach when using Abandon Ship.
Their primary functionality is unchanged.
Vulcan Adept: This active roster ability will now be triggered only once by the Reman trait Mind Drain.
Dyson Joint Command Reputation:
Resolved an issue that caused Proton procs on the Experimental Proton Weapon and Protonic Polaron weapons to trigger far less often than intended.
Removed equipment references from the reputation's description.
Added a much more detailed description of available rewards via the Info tab.
Nimbus Pirate Distress Call now summons an Orion Corsair instead of a Hirogen Escort, in addition to the Breen Cruiser and Freighter which remain unchanged.


Resolved an issue causing Bridge Officer powers to automatically be re-added to the main power tray when moving between maps.
Resolved an issue which could prevent the shield facing buttons from correctly reflecting the state of shield rebalancing.
Items in the popup menu used in the Exchange and Trade windows will now use the standard list row appearance, so that the item name won't be in black text on a black background.
The rename button for Starships has been moved from the bottom of the pane to next to the name in both the Character Status window and the Starship Selection window.
Ships now can only be renamed on ground maps.
The buy more ship slots button has been moved from the button bar at the bottom of the pane to the sidebar, beneath the option to switch between Starships and Small Craft.
Items from the other player in the Trade window will now use the standard list row appearance, to prevent the item name from being black text on a black background.
Removed squished civilian department icon from the rank display in the Civilian Duty Officer Dossier.
The class tooltips in the character creator has been visually improved.
Many Small Craft items now have new icons indicating they can only be used on Small Craft.
Many Shuttle Item Icons have been updated including default shields, impule engines, deflectors, and special consoles such as the thoron device, Yellowstone impulse engine, and the Ferengi shuttle metaphasic shields.
The Zero Point Energy Console has new icon art.

Known Issues:

The new feature Ship Loadouts is still being finalized and is not available currently on Holodeck.
This feature is still available on Tribble to test and send feedback on.
We plan to bring this to Holodeck as soon as possible.
When swapping ships, items transferred between ships will not automatically equip back when you return to a previous ship.
This is being addressed ASAP.
In the meantime, you can easily re-equip it off the other ship with the Quick Equip feature.
Some ground maps such as New Romulus, The Flotilla, and Deep Space 9 do not allow fast equip from your bank or other ships.
Occasionally, an item will not move in the chosen slot when using Quick Equip.
Duty officer roster icons are displaying badges instead of the duty officer portrait.
Headshots of other players are not always loading when viewing their information screen.
Away team members will occasionally get hung up in some types of hallway doors.
KDF captains cannot switch to all costume slots.

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